ATM's Unique Laminating Solution For The Automotive Industry

ATM's range of laminating vacuum membrane presses now includes three different varients: single, double and four-sided bed. Used to laminate two or more materials that require a smooth and even surface, the machines are all controlled by an Industrial PLC, running ATM control system software.

Each model in the range incorporates a quick-change function to ease the removal and replacement of the bladder and increase safety of the operator. The recent addition of the edge wrapping capability is a testement to ATM's philosophy of ongoing machine and product developement. 

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All three systems have the following features:

  • Size of (1.5m x 1.5m) to (2.0m x 3.0m)
  • Regeneration Venturi system
  • Circulating vacuum pumps 
  • Infra-red heating bars
  • Ambient cooling system, cooling fans and chilled air
  • Temperature monitoring by pyrometers
  • Industrial PLC control system with sequence teach-in

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Single Platen (Fixed)


  • Cycle time of 10-20 mins 
  • Material can be rubber or silicone
  • 1 working face

Quad Platen (90 Degree Rotation)


  • Cycle time of 2-5 mins
  • Material can be rubber, silicone or compounded
  • 4 working faces

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