I.P. Consoles & Cockpit Systems

ATM's exclusive Standard Benches and Clip Insertion Assembly Stations are engineered specifically for Instrument Panels, Consoles and Cockpit Systems, each range providing unique features that are listed below.

Standard Benches Final Assembly Stations:

The concept behind the BuildAssist range is one of defining standardised, configurable and scalable solutions to the assembly of automotive components and modules. Each element of the BuildAssist range is designed to take advantage of ATM's quick change tooling and fixture concepts. Fixtures are available for: Clipping, Assembly, Bonding, Welding, Riveting and Poka Yoke.

The custom configurable BuildAssist workstations deliver the following benefits:

  • A range of standard sizes (small, medium, large and extra-large)
  • Shorter lead times
  • Significant cost savings
  • Future proof technology
  • Configurable with multiple technologies
  • "Plug & Play" concept
  • Common control philosophy

 Clip Insertion Assembly Stations:

ATM's BuildAssist Clip range is built upon a standardised and proven concept with manual, semi-automated and fully automatic options. These products' quick change tooling maximises flexibility and productivity whilst ensuring no faults forward via our systems validating assembly. 

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