Headliner & Overhead Systems

ATM's Bonding and Gluing Stations and Associated Systems are all engineered for Headliner and Overhead Systems which are carefully constructed with our unique design.

 Bonding and Gluing Stations:

ATM's BuildAssist Bond systems allow you to choose between different bonding and gluing technologies with a repeatable gluing process and consistent bonding pressure. The concept is suitable for a wide range of automotive modules and sub-assemblies along with a common control system. The products in this range can be used for carpets, load space components, glove boxes and rear spoilers.

Associated Systems:

In addition to the standard BuildAssist range ATM also offers a number of additional systems targeted specifically at common operations and applications within the Automotive industry. These systems include:

  • Vacuum Edge Wrapping
  • Gap Filler Wrapping
  • Fabric Loading

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