Front & Rear End Modules

ATM's Electric Punch and Rotational Final Assembly Systems are specifically engineered for Front and Rear End Modules, both ranges having unique advantages which are listed below.

Electric Punch Systems:

ATM's BuildAssist Electric Punch range is fully programmable offering maximum flexibility with single and dual punch stations available. This range offers a smooth operation with fast approach strokes and heated tooling. The precision of the punch strokes minimises stresses on components creating perfect quality products.  It is capable of processing a wide range of materials including carpet and plastic covered fabric and leather. Other benefits include no pressurised hoses or oil spills, the guarantee of a quiet, clean and energy efficient operation and fewer health and safety risks. This range can be used for bolsters, tailgates, bumpers, spoilers and doors.

Rotational Final Assembly:

ATM's BuildAssist Rotate range are counterbalanced for easy and safe operation with an option of either a vertical or horizontal rotation. Our latest models are the safest and most secure in any orientation due to the disk brake. Other benefits include the adjustable height via powered lift making them very ergonomic as well as a common control system philosophy across the range. This concept is suitable for a wide range of automotive modules and sub-assemblies for example spoilers, bumpers, instrument panels and cowl. 

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