ATM Automation Limited actively supports automotive Tier 1,Tier 2 suppliers and OEMs.

We work with our customers from the initial concept phase through to the development and installation of turnkey systems that meet the high productivity and reliability standards demanded by the industry.

An increasing number of automotive components are manufactured from plastic and, with our extensive knowledge of the plastics industry, ATM is uniquely placed to offer automation solutions which start at the moulding machine and progress through to complex multi-process systems that produce complete sub-assemblies.

ATM's BuildAssist systems are used to produce Door Modules and Trim, Instrument Panels, Consoles and Cockpits, Flooring and Acoustics, Headliner and Overhead and Front and Rear End Module components for many of the leading automotive manufacturers.

The technologies used within our automation solutions include:-

  • Robot Assembly Systems
  • Grippers & Fixtures
  • Plastics Joining Systems
  • Assembly Stations
  • Vision Quality Systems
  • Servo Punch Stations