What will be covered and benefits:

  • How the robot is designed to function and how to resolve stoppages leading to a reduction of down time in production windows
  • Writing a new sequence in a robot when a new tool arrives
  • Improving the moulding process through the robot sequences, as well as adding additional operations such as In-Mould Labeling and degating.
  • The advanced fault finding and preventative maintenance will also reduce downtime on the robot as the trainee will not have to wait for maintenance or a Technician to resolve the stoppage

The entire training course consists of two days, at the end there is a small exam carried out followed by a certificate of completion for each trainee.

 EOAT Build Training

  • Covers the principles of building EOAT to use on all types of robots.
  • The best options for cost effective build of EOAT from simple vacuum circuits to more complex tooling to remove difficult components from the mould.
  • Customers can bring sample parts to build EOAT for using the help and knowledge of our Technicians and using our comprehensive range of EOAT kit parts that are all stocked here at our facility.
  • Parts used to build the EOAT can be invoiced separately after the EOAT is completed.